Summer At Sandy Spring

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Lacrosse: Entering Grades 4-8

About Coach Zolkiewicz: Lauren Zolkiewicz has been playing and coaching lacrosse her entire life. At Annapolis High School, she was on the state championship team in 1997 and 1999. She played Division 1 Lacrosse at Duquesne University, earning the A-10 Rookie of the Year award in 2000. After graduating college, Lauren went on to teach and coach lacrosse internationally at private schools in England. She also played in multiple European tournaments for the German National Team and the Swedish National Team. She returned to America in 2007 and began coaching at Wheaton High School, where she has remained for the past 11 years. She also runs the WMACLL, the women’s post-collegiate club lacrosse league for the mid-atlantic region. She is also captain of the Washington Lacrosse Club, a post collegiate league in the DC area.

Quick Facts

  • Grade: Grade 4 - Grade 8
  • Weeks: 3,4,5
  • (July 02 - July 20)


  • Full Day - 9am - 3:30pm: $380 (includes joining Friends Camp for lunch and afternoon workshop and activities!)
  • Half Day - 9am - 12pm: $180 (No Lunch)


Sample Lacrosse Mini-Camp Day

  • 9:00am
    Defense work (body to body defense drills, footwork. Checking ‘around the bubble’ drill. Coming up from behind check practice)
  • 10:00am
    Offense work (Dodging through defense drills, switching hand practice, body fakes. Shooting practice using body faking)
  • 11:00am
    3v3s with a trail, playing outnumbered on defense. 6v6 practicing 8 meter arc defense.
  • 12:00pm
    Stop/start scrimmage.