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Workshops FAQ

How and when do I sign up for a workshop?

Workshops are selected during the registration process. If you don’t know which workshop your camper would like to choose when you are registering, you can skip that step and come back to it later. All workshops should be chosen by May 15th. If a camper does not have a workshop selected they will be placed in a workshop based on available space. Please be aware that some workshops are very popular and will fill up quickly. Workshops are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so if you have a particular interest in one workshop, please make sure to sign up as early as possible.

How many workshops should I sign up for?

Intermediate campers sign up for one workshop per week in Workshop Block A. Seniors and Trailblazers sign up for one workshop in Workshop Block A and one workshop in Workshop Block B per week. Some campers who are here for multiple weeks like to sign up for the same workshop each week since it is a special interest for them. Most campers like to try different workshops throughout the time they are here and may sign up for a different workshop each week. We encourage campers to try a variety of choices throughout the summer and enjoy the many varied offerings we have!

Who runs the workshops?

Campers receive instruction from certified instructors, caring teachers, and professionals in their respective fields.

Can my camper change workshops?

Yes, as long as space is available, campers can change their workshop as late as Tuesday morning of that week. Parents should call the Camp Office if they have a question about their child’s workshop or would like to request a change. We always do our best to accommodate changes, but please be aware that many workshops may be full at that point.

What workshops are available for Little Friends or Junior Friends campers?

Junior campers may choose the optional morning Academic Workshop for the additional fee. Workshops for Little Friends and Juniors are held within their cabins as a part of their weekly schedule, and Juniors will receive visits from certified workshop instructors on a daily basis to get a glimpse of the workshops they can look forward to!