Summer At Sandy Spring

Splash Away At

The WIldebeest Watering Hole!



Splash into a summer of swimming! Summer at Sandy Spring’s Aquatics Program introduces campers of all ages to swimming. The program takes place in and around our on-campus swimming pond which features a beach, floating dock, climbing wall and Aqua-trampoline! Summer at Sandy Spring gives campers the opportunity to use the pond both for learning fundamental swimming techniques, and to cool down while participating in fun, aquatic activities with other campers and counselors.

NEW THIS SUMMER: Standing Paddle Boarding for Seniors & Trailblazers!



Safety First!

Safety First!

While fun is one of our top priorities at Summer at Sandy Spring, safety always comes first. For activities involving the swimming pond, we have an added responsibility to our campers to provide additional safety measures.

  • Our certified lifeguards are posted at positions that give them the best possible vantage points to supervise campers swimming in the pond.
  • We post one lifeguard on the beach at all times in case of a land emergency, or in the event of needing to call emergency medical services; one lifeguard in the roped-in area, very near to where the depth drops to more than five feet;
  • one lifeguard on the floating dock to monitor the deeper section of the pond; and one lifeguard on a rescue board, well-positioned to make a quick rescue should anything go wrong.
  • In addition, counselors are familiar with these safety measures, and they help to keep all campers safe in their activities to prevent injury and life-threatening hazards.


All of our lifeguards have been trained and certified with:

  • Lifeguard Certification
  • CPR/First Aid/AED operation
  • Waterfront Lifeguard Certification
  • Rehearsal of Emergency Action Procedures
  • Monthly In-Service training
  • Weekly Staff meetings to go over procedures and regulations


All of our counselors aid in:

  • Beach control
  • In-water capacity monitoring
  • Lessons and stroke technique
  • Games
  • Lines for Aqua-trampoline
  • Monitors on Aqua-trampoline


Parents, learn more on our Swimming FAQ!